20/05/2022: BEEN A WHILE

wow its been a while since i last updated! 1 whole month since i last updated. i guess i just kind of lost a bit of motivation, but i decided to come back. ive changed some of my css to be a bit more responsive; i got a new laptop and my site looked terrible on it, so i figured it was about time i did something about the non-responsive design. i dont think it works too great on moible phones still tho. but it should look nice on computers and tablets. other than that i finally put up a new poll of the week. that last one was more of a "poll of the month"! so that's fun.

stuffs been pretty alright lately. i finally got around to beating monster hunter rise so now im well ready for sunbreak. i thought the serpents' fights were all really fun and the bullet hell elements in narwa's fights were interesting. the serpents are definitely some of my favourite monsters. crimson glow valstrax was great too, it was just different enough from the original valstrax to keep me on my toes. sunbreak looks like it's gonna be a lot of fun, the new switch skill swap thing looks like its gonna bring a lot of new strategies to the table. the new monsters seem really cool too. the three lords are awesome, and blood orange bishaten look like a fun fight. not to mention the returning monsters!

ive also gotten back into splatoon 2 recently. i first started playing it in 2018 cuz i had some credit from trading in games at gamestop so i picked it up because the box looked cool. i played tons of it, its easily one of my favourite games. i fell off it a little bit tho until recently. now im back in my 2018 squid people phase.... so maybe not entirely a good thing XD!

other than that ive had a good bit of schoolwork lately, we had a lot of projects to do and my exams r coming up next week.