08/09/2022: QUEEN'S DEAD

so the queen of england died today.

is it bad to say ive kindaa been waiting for this? was about time. the royal family are nothing but a waste of resources. though, the funeral and coronation are gonna be another waste of resources, which doesn't bode well for the cost of living crisis going on in the UK right now. but i think i can speak for a lot of people when i say her and her family's coloniser asses did have it coming.

the memes have been pretty funny too ngl which is always nice.

though honestly i don't get why such a big deal is made of the monarch's death, at least in an official sense. so much frivolity and faux-mourning all because some old git that's been little more than a b-list celebrity ever since people stopped believing god personally chose them kicked the bucket. is all the 12 day mourning bullshit really neccessary? for the family and the friends, okay, but the average person won't give two by the weekend. seems a little funny to me is all.