26/02/2022: JUST HACKED MY 3DS

so yeah i decided to hack my 3ds. everything went smoothly, there were a couple small issues like some files copying wrong and storage issues but other than that no problems. i figured that since they're taking down the 3ds eshop, it was about time i just hacked it. i'm not gonna do anything crazy on it right now since i need a bigger SD card (my n3ds is still on the stock 4gb one, i bought a bigger one but it was in the wrong format.... so im just gonna wait till i can grab another one) but once i get a good amount of storage, i'll probably mostly do homebrew and pirated games and stuff. i'm pretty excited to see what i can do with it! makes me feel real hackery to go into all the menus XD even though i barely know what they do. i'd reccomend doing it, if just for the freedom over your console it offers. i don't think it messes with online play or anything and the chances of getting caught/banned are pretty slim if you stay away from cheating, especially since the 3ds is like, fully dead now. just don't tell nintendo!