11/10/2022: FINAL FANTASY

so recently i started playing final fantasy! the first one (or well, the remaster for GBA). i'm playing it on my 3DS. i'm really liking it so far! it has a lot less guidance than modern games im used to but thats okay, feels like my warriors of light are really on an adventure.

speaking of my warriors of light, they're tiel the warrior, eren the red mage, noelle the white mage and tia the black mage. i didn't think i'd get as attached to these four as i did lol. tiel is sorta the leader of the bunch, he believes that theres good in everyone. eren is the oldest and the most serious, hes a bit of a mentor to the others especially tia and noelle. hes a little more quiet than his partymates too. noelle is the healer ofc and she has a bit of a "must save everyone" mindset. shes quite adventurous too. then tia is the youngest. shes a powerful mage but has a tendency to push herself too hard and get injured. shes also a bit naive and gullible. she never gives up, though.

ATM i'm trying to find the crown for the king in the ruined castle west of elfheim. as soon as i heard of a spooky castle west of elfheim i just had to go check out what was going on there. i fogured it'd be that dark elf guy the villagers were talking about but i guess not. we'll see what happens when i get the crown back to the castle!